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What ChatAM can do for you:

Portfolio Selection

Identify portfolios with the most promising performance expectations based on relevant factors such as financial indicators and industry trends.

Stock Evaluation

Access the evaluation of individual stocks according to certain KPIs, MRIs and factors, such as Sharpe ratio, volatility or ESC ranks and query historical metrics, such as returns.

Stock Predictions

Get access to Quantumrock’s proprietary predictions for individual stocks with regards to metrics like future performance and volatilities.

Trend Predictions

Gain insights into current market trends and exclusive access to Quantumrock’s unique Al-based indicators predicting the future direction of the economy.

Factor Selection

Identify the currently best performing factors and the corresponding top stocks and gain access to Quantumrock’s proprietary technical factors.

Correlation Analysis

Identify stocks with the strongest/ weakest correlation to each other over a specific time period, and identify factors contributing to this correlation.

Sector Analysis

Analyze which sectors are currently performing the best in terms of financial performance and growth potential, and identify factors driving this success.

Asset Allocation

Identify the currentlv optimal asset allocation for a portfolio and how this varies depending on factors such as risk tolerance and investment goals.

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